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Protests in Toronto shut down the NEB hearings

Via CBC :

A string of heated protests in Toronto have led the National Energy Board to postpone hearings into proposed changes to a key oil pipeline running from Sarnia, Ont., to Montreal.

Energy giant Enbridge was scheduled to defend its plan to reverse the flow of a portion of its Line 9 pipeline at an NEB hearing in Toronto on Saturday.

However, after protesters stormed the proceedings at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Friday,  the NEB issued a news release stating the hearings would be postponed.

“The end of today’s hearing raised concerns with respect to the security of participants,” NEB secretary Sheri Young wrote in the Friday statement.

More media coverage :

  • Toronto Star – Enbridge pipeline: Protesters converge on Line 9B hearings

    Eventually security escorted demonstrators, a few at a time, into the hearing room where Amanda Lickers, representing Rising Tide Toronto, delivered an hours-long presentation to the three-member panel calling for it to reject Enbridge’s proposal.

    The room erupted from three days of restrained presentations into singing, drumming, shouting, chanting and waving flags that read things like, “We can’t drink money,” and “Don’t frack with mother nature.”

Directly Affected / Directement touché-e-s


Via :

L’office national de l’énergie nous dit que les seules personnes qui peuvent s’exprimer aux audiences sur la Ligne 9 et d’autres pipelines sont celles qui se qualifient en tant qu’individu «directement touché/e». Ceci fait référence aux personnes avec une connaissance spécialisée au sujet des pipelines ou à ceux qui vivent à moins d’un kilomètre du pipeline lui-même. Nous considérons que ce sont de fausses prétentions : nous sommes TOUS/TOUTES directement touchéEs. Nos communautés, nos aliments, nos terres, notre eau, notre air et notre futur sont tous touchés par l’acheminement du pétrole provenant des sables bitumineux avec la Ligne 9, le pipeline Énergie Est de TransCanada, le pipeline Montréal – Portland, et tous les autres pipelines. Exprimez comment vous êtes directement touchéEs, de la façon la plus significative pour vous:

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Mock spill in Aamjiwnaang


Via the official press release :

July 27, 2013

Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines (ASAP) demonstrates against Tar Sands oil and Enbridge’s Line 9 Reversal Project, in solidarity with communities impacted by the Enbridge Line 6 spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan on 3 year anniversary.

Aamjiwnaang—Today, members of Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines (ASAP) along with supporters of the Idle No More movement and environmental groups gathered in Sarnia’s Chemical Valley at Lasalle Line where Enbridge’s Line 9 comes above ground across the road from the border of the Aamjiwnaang reserve. Community members and grassroots activists briefly blocked the Lasalle Line road with a mock oil spill, calling attention to the risks posed by the Line 9 Reversal Project and to commemorate the 3 year anniversary of the Line 6 spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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#Swamp Line 9


Du 20 au 26 juin 2013, des membres de communautés du sud-ouest de l’Ontario ont occupé une station de pompage d’Enbridge à North Westover, pour y stopper les travaux en vue de l’inversion du flot de l’oléoduc 9B.


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