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Petition to Trudeau: Halt Enbridge’s Line 9!


Toronto No Line 9 Network invites you to sign a petition to the Prime Minister to halt the Enbridge Line 9 Reversal project until an upgraded regulatory process is in place and a reassessment of Line 9 is completed.

Please sign: ‘Petition to Justin Trudeau’ (

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Once Again, Enbridge Line 9 Shut Off, Line 7 Valve Tampered With

Via Earth First! Newswire :

from Toronto Media Coop

our hearts were bursting with love and cheer after hearing of the many times our friends have courageously shut down pipelines in recent months.

so in the early hours of january 25,2016 we found our own courage and took action against enbridge and their line 9. slipping in to a valve station located on traditional Haudenosaunee Territory (in hamilton, ontario) we successfully operated an electronic valve to shut off the flow of tarsands crude. a line 7 valve, also an enbridge tarsands pipeline, was also tampered with and closed part way. we then disappeared back into the night.

we took this action to stand in unity with all those who have defended the land before us, and for those who decide to take action after us. we take it to fight against an industry that puts us at risk every day and subjects frontline communities to violence upon their bodies, communities and cultures – for profit.

we believe that’s worth fighting against; that those people and communities are worth fighting for.

so call us what you will, but we only do what is both necessary and right. our actions hurt none, but a lack of action hurts everyone.
may we all find the courage to actively resist & destroy exploitative capitalist industrial projects.

fuck enbridge
fuck the tarsands
and fuck all pipelines.

ps. for those curious to follow in our stead – enbridge thinks they’re being all smart by putting on large gold security chains (which can’t be cut with bolt cutters) and lockboxes on the gates. bypass these by cutting the fence itself. then all you need are some garden shears (to cut the very, very secure zip tie protecting the electrical panel), your wits and an exit plan.

Toxic Tour 2015 in Chemical Valley, Aamjiwnaang

Photo from National Observer's article

Photo from National Observer’s article

Via National Observer :

Hundreds of climate activists marched in a ‘Toxic Tour’ through a bleak industrial landscape on the edge of Ontario that is a frontline in Canada’s climate wars.

They were gathered to support the tiny Aamjiwnaang First Nation, whose traditional territory lies near an area known as “Chemical Valley” — a 15 square-mile area in Sarnia, where over 40 per cent of Canada’s chemical industry is based. Nearly 60 oil refineries and factories are crammed into an industrial strip overlooking the St. Clair River.

Storage tanks and oil terminals just a stone’s throw from Aamjiwnaang lands, and the skyline dominated by familiar company logos: Enbridge, TransAlta, Cabot, Suncor Energy Inc., Imperial Oil, among others.

“We’re not allowed to touch the water in our community because of how badly they (the chemicals) have impacted us,” said Aamjiwnaang activist Lindsay Gray, who helped organize the Sept. 5 protest. (… read more here)

Nouveau blocage en Ontario : Les tests hydrostatiques sur la ligne 9 interrompus


Via la page Facebook Rising Tide Toronto :

(Résumé en français : )

COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE – Le travail sur la ligne 9 d’Enbridge interrompu alors que des manifestant-e-s demandent la fin des sables bitumineux et de la fracturation hydraulique

Port Hope (Ontario) – Des opposant-e-s à l’oléoduc ligne 9 d’Enbridge, qui transportera des produits issus des sables bitumineux et de la fracturation hydraulique, sont sur le site des tests qui doivent être effectués sur le pipeline controversé. Enbridge effectue des tests hydrostatiques nouvellement ordonnés [par l’ONÉ] sur trois segments du pipeline vieux de 40 ans, avant que le compagnie puisse avoir l’autorisation d’y faire passer du bitume. Les activistes maintiennent que ces tests ne limiteront d’aucune façon les impacts de la ligne 9.

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Line 9 protesters blockade Enbridge site in North York


Via Metro News :

A group of around a dozen protesters have blockaded an Enbridge construction site near Dufferin St. and Finch Ave. W., in opposition to plans to reverse and boost the flow of the Line 9 pipeline.

The protest Monday comes in solidarity with a group of protesters at an Enbridge site near Woodstock, where five were arrested Sunday night.

Though Monday’s protest had already been in the works, Sunday’s arrests added “fire” to their efforts, according to media representative Umair Muhammad.

Muhammad and the dozen or so protesters represent a group of Toronto residents involved in the movement against Line 9, who call themselves Citizens Response Unit for Decontaminating our Environment (CRUDE).

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#Dam Line 9


Le 5 août 2014, des gens des communautés du sud-ouest de l’Ontario affectées par le projet d’inversion de la ligne 9B d’Enbridge, se sont installé-e-s sur un site de travaux sur le tracé du pipeline. Ils et elles y sont resté-e-s pendant 6 jours, bloquant l’avancement du projet.

Couverture en français :

Beaucoup plus d’information (en anglais) sur

Blockade of Enbridge Work Site on Line 9 Route

Video by Janice Lee.

Via Alternatives Journal :

Concerned individuals from Six Nations, Waterloo Region and other nearby communities have shut down an “integrity dig” on Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline in North Dumfries, Ontario this morning. Protestors are asserting that Enbridge is operating on Haudenosaunee territory without the required consent or consultation, according to a press release. Workers left the site without incident and at least some equipment has been removed. (… read more here)

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Rising Tide Shuts Down Line 9 Test Site in Toronto

Photo: Murray Bush - Flux Photo

Photo: Murray Bush – Flux Photo

Via Vancouver Media Co-op :

TORONTO – Members of Rising Tide blocked the site of an Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline  “integrity dig” today. The move prevented Enbridge from carrying out cursory tests aimed at permission to reverse the flow of the nearly 40-year-old line.

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Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch

PDF document of the full Report


Press release from Waterloo Region Against Line 9 :

Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch
New report reveals litany of threats posed by Enbridge’s aging pipeline

Friday February 21st, 1:00pm – Region of Waterloo building, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener

As the Line 9 tarsands pipeline reversal decision looms, intervenors in the National Energy Board process have prepared a comprehensive report detailing the many treaty violations, significant social and economic risks, as well as environmental hazards related to Enbridge’s proposal.

Report contributor Sakura Saunders of Rising Tide Toronto remarks, “As intervenors, we were shocked by the information we learned during the NEB hearings. We compiled this report to alert the public that even according to Enbridge’s own data, this pipeline is in no condition to transport such dangerous materials as tar sands bitumen and fracked oil.”

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Toronto activists lock down to equipment at Enbridge Line 9 river crossing

Photo: Joel Eastwood (Twitter)

Photo: Joel Eastwood (Twitter)

Press release (via Two Row Times) :

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE @RisingTideTor #LockDownLine9 December 3, 2013

(Toronto, ON) Members of Rising Tide Toronto have locked down to equipment at an Enbridge Line 9 river crossing, effectively halting construction. This construction is taking place before the NEB has approved this pipeline reversal project.

This action, taking place on Mississauga New Credit territory, was done in solidarity with Indigenous sovereigntist and environmental justice struggles across Turtle Island. All First Nations Band Councils who participated in the hearings urged the reversal not be granted. Amidst outstanding land claims, there has been absolutely no consultation with any Indigenous communities along the route of Line 9.

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