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On November 30, the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation will challenge the failure of the Crown to consult them, as required by Canada’s Constitution, before approval of the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline by the National Energy Board.

The First Nation will show that Canada “provided no consultation on the proposed project despite our assertion that our Aboriginal and Treaty rights are being impacted,” says Chief Leslee White-Eye. (See funding appeal letter)

Ottawa is telling the Supreme Court that aboriginal consultation means nothing more than the biased administrative routine of the Energy Board. But recent legal victories in provincial courts (Grassy Narrows FN vs. Ontario and others) confirm the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate. A Chippewa victory on this principle will strengthen capacity to resist dangerous fossil fuel projects such as Energy East.

The lack of consultation “impacts all Nations and is an important issue for many Canadians in moving towards clean energy for all,” states Chief White-Eye. “COTTFN has borne a great financial burden in taking on this fight.”


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