Toronto No Line 9 Network invites you to sign a petition to the Prime Minister to halt the Enbridge Line 9 Reversal project until an upgraded regulatory process is in place and a reassessment of Line 9 is completed.

Please sign: ‘Petition to Justin Trudeau’ (

As you know, the 40 year old Line 9 runs from Sarnia to Montreal crossing numerous First Nation territories and municipalities and all the waterways that provide drinking water to millions of people in the most densely populated region in the country.

Approved by the National Energy Board in March 2014 and restarted in October 2015, the Line 9 Reversal project intends to pump corrosive tar sands bitumen and volatile fracked Bakken Shale oil through the pipeline to Quebec refineries. The public gets the risks while the fossil fuel industry gets the profits.

Importantly, there has also been inadequate consultation with impacted First Nations.

And the tar sands are Canada’s largest single contribution to planetary climate change.

We believe a proper assessment evaluating the upstream and downstream affects would never approve this project.

This petition needs to gather 500 signatures before it can be presented in the House of Commons to be included in the public record. We hope and expect to have many many more signatures than this of course!

Please circulate widely to all your contacts and organizations.

Tweeter-ready message: #petitiontohaltline9

For further information:

Please also consider donating to the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation’s very important Supreme Court case regarding lack of consultation on the Line 9 project:

– Toronto No Line 9 Network