Revue et suivi de la mobilisation contre la ligne 9 d'Enbridge

(Français) Des manifestants dénoncent l’association des pétrolières à l’Institut du cancer de Montréal

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  1. I demande from these petrolium corporate bullies to pay 120,000,000 US$ to all those who have had cancer and have died from pollution. For having disinformed volontarily the population about the impacts of petrolium and for denying, stalling and secretly buying all the scientific results and inventions to correct the degrading tendancy situation around the world and for having a consortium with the automobile industry and having polluted the Great Lakes.
    All the climate changes that have created havoc around the world such as forest fires, draught, air and water pollution, dying biodiversity and delaying for decades the scientific answers to our planetary problems. …plus interest !

  2. Merci..! De dénoncer ce qui crée des cancers..!

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