Photo: Murray Bush - Flux Photo

Photo: Murray Bush – Flux Photo

Via Vancouver Media Co-op :

TORONTO – Members of Rising Tide blocked the site of an Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline  “integrity dig” today. The move prevented Enbridge from carrying out cursory tests aimed at permission to reverse the flow of the nearly 40-year-old line.

The tests are a government requirement for Enbridge to get approval to bring the aging line back into operation. Protesters point to more than 12,000 anomolies in the shallow pipeline around Rexdale and Kipling that snakes through heavily-populated areas including over some Toronto Metro subway stations. They also point to the lack of precise testing methods and lax Canadian government requirements and interdepartmental coordination for gauging pipeline integrity.

“We know that Enbridge has no integrity, and that Line 9 reversal is an unjust and dangerous project,” they stated.

“Today we are taking a stand to say NO to Line 9 and tar sands development. Our collective future has been put at risk by the reckless greed of corporate profiteers. It is our responsibility to combat further destructive projects that push many people and the planet towards imminent danger. For us, right now, that includes saying NO to Tar Sands destruction.”

The activists vow more direct action.