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PRESS COMMUNIQUÉ – Montréal, March 19, 2014 – occupation of the office of the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal

As part of the day of action against Line 9, an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial demonstration occupied the office of the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal (CCEM, or « East Montréal Chamber of Commerce » in English). We call for people to participate in this day of action at the moment and in the way that you feel to be the most appropriate, in making a radical break with these patriarchal, colonial, capitalist societies! Today and everyday!

During the October 2013 hearings of the National Energy Board (NEB), the CCEM pronounced itself, in the name of its 1200 members, to be in favour of the reversal of Line 9. Because it speaks of job creation, because it speaks of the maintenance of the « industrial input », which depends upon a constant input of oil at any cost, the CCEM could participate in these hearings as a good representative of the business community. That’s the kind of interlocutor that Enbridge is looking for: « credible » and « rational ».

According to the general director of the CCEM, approving the reversal of Line 9-B « is betting for the future of our territory, but also and above all for the future of the families why live there and work there. » We aren’t speaking of the same future, her and us. The Association industrielle de l’Est de Montréal (AIEM), a prominent member of the CCEM, even invoked, in its presentation to the NEB, the fantasy of an « industrial ecosystem » that could negate the deadly character of petrochemical industry – from Montréal to Aamjiwnaang, ground zero of the world petrochemical industry.

Now that the reversal has been accepted, the CCEM adds to the hypocrisy by requiring that Enbridge improve « the social acceptability of the project. » So that the we all accept to share the risks, without diminishing these risks in any way. The disaster has already happened : development is a pathological compulsion.

We call for resistance, where you are located and in your own way, against the ongoing ecocide. Line 9-B is only the beginning, it will not stop there – nor will the resistance.

We call for occupations and direct action, now and everyday. In solidarity with indigenous resistance, against development and genocide.

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